How to Manage your Customer Pipeline with Odoo CRM

Fathima Cybro
3 min readSep 7, 2021

The Customer Relationship Management module of Odoo is Odoo CRM. This module allows you to view all of your opportunities/leads in one place, manage them from different stages, and analyze the results. Salespeople today want to be able to track prospects easily and have all the information they need in one place. Managers need visibility into their sales pipeline to see what their salespeople have done. Both salespeople and managers can use the Odoo software to make their work easier and have easy access to segmented and easily visualized information.

We will be discussing some of the most important features in Odoo CRM.

Odoo CRM Lead Entry

Manually entering leads into Odoo CRM module can be done either by single entry or mass importing. Automated lead entry can be achieved by integrating your website contact form and/or VoIP phones with the system.

Odoo CRM New Lead

Two big advantages for leads are provided by Odoo CRM. First, it makes it easy to view all of your leads from one place. You can click on any lead to view its full information and make edits.

Odoo CRM Lead/Opportunity Manager

Once a lead has been entered into the system you can assign it a specific salesperson. The salesperson can assign the lead to a salesperson as the lead moves through the sales process (e.g. Simply drag and drop it to the next stage.

Select “Add a Column” to customize the screen and add new stages to your business.

Lead Scoring

You can also score leads using Odoo CRM according to your criteria. This allows you to prioritize your time and schedule specific activities based upon the lead’s quality. The number of stars in the above image indicates the lead score. Higher quality opportunities are indicated by more stars.

Next Activities

To keep you on track, schedule next activities such as meetings and phone calls. You can easily email and/or call clients directly from your system using e-mail or VoIP integration. Odoo also allows you to manage your calendar using the built-in calendar or integrate external calendars such as Google.

Get Quotes

Send them quotes from Odoo CRM once opportunities have been qualified. Click on the lead and select “New Quote”, edit the information, and then send it by email or print.

VoIP Integration

You can greatly increase your efficiency by integrating your Odoo platform and VoIP systems like Asterisk or OnSIP. Your screen will automatically fill with client information when you receive inbound phone calls from clients/leads within your system. Odoo allows you to make outbound calls and also create an automated call queue that will allow you to call a list of leads.

Odoo CRM Reports/Dashboards

Your salespeople and managers can access custom dashboards with Odoo CRM to view key lead/opportunity KPIs in the form of charts, graphs, and other visuals. They can also export data or create reports. Your employees can analyze leads and opportunities, segment by country, source, etc. This will give you insight into your sales and marketing activities. Analyzing lost/won opportunities can help you identify trends and increase your conversion rates.


Software that manages customer relationships is essential for organizations. It allows sales staff to view all customer information from one place. Odoo makes CRM even more efficient by integrating with all other Odoo applications.

Your customer and lead data will be holistic and include all sources, improving your analytics. You can also reduce the manual data entry required to send data from one department, thereby reducing errors and employee labor.



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